Content of Minutes:

Minutes are divided into three sections:

  • The first section is a paragraph which contains the opening.
  • The second section contains a separate paragraph for each item of business.
  • The third section is the closing of the minutes.
The first paragraph should contain the kind of meeting (regular, special, or adjourned); the name of the organization; the date, time and place of the meeting; the name and title of the presiding officer and the secretary; and the disposition of the minutes of the previous meeting.

The body of the minutes contains a separate paragraph for each main motion.  You should show the name of the member who makes the motion, but not the name of the seconder.  

The last paragraph contains the time that the meeting was adjourned.  The minutes are signed by the person writing the minutes.  

Once the minutes are approved, the word "Approved" with the date should be written below the signature, and followed by the secretary's initials.

To see Kay's YouTube discussion on the importance of minutes, including quick tips, click the link below!

Power tip for power presiders:

To calm the room down quickly and efficiently, step to the podium or rise at your place.  Look around the room, and count backwards, from 5, in an authoritative voice.  By the time you get to "1", the room will most probably be ready for you to begin!  Once your group is used to this, you may be able to count down from 3 and have the same effect.