Named the 2011 Parliamentarian of the Year by the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians, Kay Crews has pursued the study of parliamentary procedure for well over a decade.  

Active professionally, she served as the 2013-2014 President of the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians, and is active with the National Association of Parliamentarians as well, where she was a member of the Educational Resources Committee (2011-2013) and has served as Convention Technologist for each Convention since 2009, when she was the first to serve the national organization in that way. 

Kay served as the Secretary of the American Institute of Parliamentarians from 2012-2015, and has served as President of that organization since 2015. She has proven to be an innovative leader, seeking new projects for the organization and overseeing a complete revision of the organization's website.  She is actively associated with parliamentary study units in Dallas, and has conducted parliamentary workshops across the US, and in Canada. 

Her national client base includes government entities, business and professional organizations, alumni associations, labor unions, political parties, homeowner associations, and religious and charitable organizations.

Kay holds the credentials of Certified Professional Parliamentarian from the American Institute of Parliamentarians and Professional Registered Parliamentarian from the National Association of Parliamentarians. These each represent the highest professional credential offered by the organizations. Fewer than fifty individuals hold this dual distinction.